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Brother and sister fight over hot pool man in Coke ad

Sibling rivalry over the hot pool boy in new Coke ad.
Photo credit:
Coca-Cola - YouTube

Advertisers don’t seem to be pulling away from LGBT issues in their product commercials.

This latest one from Coca-Cola may be the best, and funniest we have seen so far this year.

In it, a hunky pool boy is carefully sifting leaves from the swimming pool, as a young lady fawns at him from a downstairs window. 

The camera then pans up to the second story window where her brother is also admiring the flawless physique of the hired help.

Desperate to interact with their hardworking visitor both brother and sister come up with the same idea: bring him an ice cold Coke.

Like something out of “War of the Roses,” the siblings make a Bee line, with beverages in hand, fighting for the chance to be first.

The winner in that contest is an unexpected surprise.

You can find out who is victorious in the ad below.