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Chad Michaels does 'Cher' for Cher on 'The Talk'

Chad Michaels as Cher on "The Talk."
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CBS' The Talk

San Diego’s own Chad Michaels  made an appearance on CBS’s “The Talk” this week to honor mega star Cher.

Michaels surprised the music legend who sat on the panel of the daytime talk show to promote her new “Classic Cher” show in Las Vegas.  

Donning a custom gown and singing the song “Strong Enough” the drag star emerged from behind a sliding stage backdrop doing his signature and incomparable Cher impersonation.

It is this writer's opinion, after looking at Cher, that she has broken her contract with Isabella Rossellini’s character from “Death Becomes Her” and continues to perform even after having taken the age-reversing serum.

You can see the Michaels' performance by click HERE.

And here is a clip from the show which aired on Tuesday: