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Disney XD displays same-sex kisses in kid's network cartoon

Same-sex kisses shared in the kid's Disney cartoon “Star vs. The Evil Forces."
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Disney Television Animation News - YouTube

While the question as to whether Elsa will be gay in “Frozen 2," have yet to be answered, Disney may have finally broken their standards and practices on the showcasing of same-sex relationships, albeit very subtly.

In the kid’s television show “Star vs. The Evil Forces” which runs on the Mouse’s XD channel, three teenage friends caught in a love triangle are attending a boy band concert in which hormones kick into gear and two straight characters engage in a closed-mouthed, pursed lipped kiss.

What makes this a groundbreaking moment is that most of the people attending the concert also touch lips during the song, including a few same-sex couples.

Although the shots are split-second, many noticed the progressive nature of the scene and voiced their approval on social media.

One YouTuber wrote: “Everyone is arguing about Starco and Jacko, but I’m happy about the gay couples” reports Pink News.

The Mouse has never made blatant their stance on LGBT issues, only referencing them in subtle unconfirmed situations where ambiguous friendships and characters can’t be interpreted as gay for sure.

For instance, in last year’s “Finding Dory” one tiny scene included two women visiting an aquatic park who were thought to be couple. And in the same year, the highly popular “Zootopia” not only made reference to a gay couple during the credits, Clawhauser, the police front desk liaison, might have been interpreted to be gay though that is only conjecture.

It seems that children’s television shows are the final frontier for LGBT love as  many comic book heroes and literary characters have started coming out of the closet. 

J.K. Rowling back in 2007 outed her own creation Albus Dumbledore to the praise of devout fans.

“If I had known this would have made you this happy, I would have announced it years ago,” she said at the time.

The fleeting kisses can be seen at the 1:27 and 1:49 marks below: