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Parody site creates world where Clinton won

This news site turns reality on it head.
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Satirical and irreverent, a new fake news comedy website has popped up on the internet created in world where Hillary Clinton won the election. 

According to The Daily Caller the site appears to have liberal leanings based on the content they provide and webmasters will not return their requests for information. 

Hillaryclintonbeattrump.org not only celebrates an alternate universe where November election results are reversed, but takes salient stabs at American pop culture as well.

Case in point, the 2017 Grammy Awards where Adele seemed to take home everything but the kitchen sink.  

In this flip-flopped reality, the headline reads:

"Beyoncé deservedly beats Adele, sweeps Grammys"

Other news articles include:                                                                                               

"Woman successfully finishes sentence in U.S. Senate"

"Clinton slams Theresa May over UK's immigration policy: "Bitch, please."

NYT pans Clinton's "oppressively intelligent press conference" as "boring and too sane"

As far as what could have been, the ersatz news site gives Clinton her dues as the first woman president of the United States:

"Historians say Clinton's presidency is already in "all time top 5"

"Clinton handles dangerous nuclear situation in White House Situation Room"

"Clinton signs executive order: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to host 'everything'"

President Trump may have coined the ambiguous term “fake news,” but in this instance his observations are hilariously accurate.