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Local chocolatier wins big on Food Network's 'Guy's Grocery Games'

Will Gustwiller wins special edition of "Guy's Grocery Games" on Food Network.
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Will Gustwiller - Facebook

Local chocolatier Will Gustwiller had to race through the supermarket aisles on one Food Network reality show, but he ended up winning and taking home a bundle of cash.

Founder of Eclipse Chocolate in San Diego, Gustwiller was a contestant on a unique edition of chef Guy Fieri's Grocery Games called “Guy’s Chocolate Games,” a special episode devoted to everything sweet.

In the game show, three contestants must face culinary challenges inside a large grocery store, solving clues and gathering ingredients for their assigned dishes, grabbing them from the shelves, which are then judged by a panel of experts in hopes they move on to the next round.

In the first challenge, contestants had to make a lunch inspired from German Chocolate cake. Ingredients included, dark chocolate, coconut, pecans and maraschino cherries.

Gustwiller prepared a cacao glazed pork tenderloin with Chinese long beans, coconut and pecans.

A skeeball challenge in the next round determined the amount of money to be spent on the follow-up course. Winning a budget of only $15.55, Gustwiller made use of the freezer section, using blackberries served with a decadent s’mores dessert and a spiced drinking chocolate.

On the last challenge in which two contestants remained, the chocolate master served the judges a porterhouse steak with a cocoa balsamic sauce, cocoa nib pasta and asparagus.

This dish put him over the top, resulting in a move to the final solo round in which he had to solve cryptic food clues and gather them from around the supermarket set. He managed to collect enough items to win $16,000.

Gustwiller is eager to put the money toward making his company more green-friendly, “I want to be America’s first solar-powered, lunar themed chocolate company,” he said on the show. 

To celebrate, Gustwiller is offering a special viewing of his episode at Eclipse Chocolate on Saturday, February 28. The event is $40 to attend and he will feature multiple courses, with a recreation of his signature “Grocery Games” dish.