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'Drag Race' Season 9 contestants revealed

Valentina is just one of the 13 contestants in RuPaul's Drag Race" season 9.
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 For those of you who are waiting with bated breath over who will compete in Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 9, you can stop wondering.

The Logo Network released  the list of competing queens on Thursday morning and they promise jaw-dropping moments and game twists from the very first episode.

Every season the show becomes more and more popular among fans. Last year brought the highest ratings in the series' history.

It also took home the Emmy for best Reality Host.

This year’s contestants hail from all parts of the world including, London, Wisconsin, New York and Georgia.

Mama Ru says in these desperate times the show is needed, “Now more than ever!”

You can head HERE to watch cast introductions.

The network has not said when the new season will air except some time in the srping. 

Here is the list of the 13 fierce queens who will undoubtedly take the competition from the stage to the dressing room.


Brooklyn, New York

TW: @ajathekween, IG: @ajathekween

Alexis Michelle

New York, New York

TW: @AlexisLives, IG: @AlexisLives

Charlie Hides

London, UK

TW: @charliehidestv, IG: @charliehidestv

Eureka O’Hara

Johnson City, TN

TW: @eurekaohara, IG: @eurekaohara

Farrah Moan

Las Vegas, Nevada

TW: @farrahrized, IG: @farrahrized

Jaymes Mansfield

Madison, Wisconsin

TW: @JaymesMansfield, IG: @jaymesmansfield

Kimora Blac

Las Vegas, Nevada

TW: @kimorablac, IG: @kimorablac

Nina Bo'nina Brown

Atlanta, Georgia

TW: @atlsexyslim, IG: @nina_bonina_brown


New York, New York

TW: @Peppermint247, IG: @peppermint247

Sasha Velour

Brooklyn, New York

TW: @sasha_velour, IG: @sashavelour

Shea Coulee

Chicago, IL

TW: @SheaCoulee, IG: @sheacoulee

Trinity Taylor

Orlando, FL

TW: @TrinityTheTuck, IG: @trinitythetuck


Los Angeles, CA

TW: @AllofValentina, IG: @allaboutvalentina

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