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'Drag Race' Lego set proposed to toy manufacturer

A Ru Paul's Drag Race Lego set could become a part of the toy section at your local retailer if approved.
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As president Donald Trump is trying to lay bricks across the Mexican border, one toy designer is trying to expand his by adding them to a new concept for Lego.

According to Pink News, Mark Fitzpatrick is the idealist behind the project and he has submitted the design called RuPaul’s Brick Race to the Danish toy company.

The kit would include some of the better known stars of the reality show such as Alyssa Edwards as Katy Perry and Katya Zamolodchikova as Björk.

Fitzpatrick says he wants to “contribute something new to the Lego universe.”

He adds: "At it’s core, the subject material this set is based on is whimsical, colour and full of life,”

The legendary toy manufacturer has set up a place for innovators to submit their visions for the product called Lego Ideas.

Once the prototype reaches 10,000 backers, they move on to a review process.

The Drag Race concept has currently received 2,000 supporters.

 Looking at the collection, Fitzpatrick has incorporated the entire set from workroom to stage,

There are plenty of wigs to choose from and glamdam  Ru Paul also gets a choice of her signature show stopping attire.

This also might be the perfect time for the LGBT network to change their tagline to "Lego my Logo." 

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