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Melania Trump looks downright troubled in video from inauguration

Melania Trump doesn't look happy after her husband's interaction.
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Becoming the First Lady of the world’s most powerful country must bring with it plenty of stress and otherwise uncomfortable adjustments to your life.

A recent video (below) of Melania Trump looking rather miserable at her husband’s inauguration has gone viral and it may be the first glimpse we have inside the Trump’s personal interactions.

In the clip, Donald Trump, during the family blessing lead by Franklin Graham turns to say something to Melania who is smiling and appears gracious. However, when the new president turns around her demeanor suddenly changes and she looks a little wounded…or mad.

There can only be conjecture as to what was exchanged between them, but her frown makes it seem disheartening. 

LGBTQ Nation addressed those who pointed out the video has been altered and is actually being played in reverse. But those assertions have been debunked with another video being recorded from a different angle at the same time. It shows that Trump’s movements coincide with their interactions.

Melania may just be exhausted with all the attention she’s been getting from the press or tired from the transition leading up to the inauguration, but one thing is for sure, the judging eye of the public is  now upon them.