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Moving documentary reunites Madonna's 'Truth or Dare' dancers

"Truth or Dare" dancers are profiled in moving new documentary.
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It’s been 25 years since Madonna went on her Blonde Ambition tour and subsequently the movie “Truth or Dare” hit theaters to critical praise.

Now the dancers in that film are returning to the theater in their own documentary called “Strike a Pose,” which details their trials and tribulations before and after the tour curtains closed.

One of the things that made the movie a hit was the relationship Madonna had with her dancers, but that connection, as good as it was, also came with struggle and shame.

Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan's “Strike a Pose” revisits these men and where their lives have led them, with personal triumphs, losses and everything in between.

Gabriel Trupin, Oliver Crumes, Salim Gauwloos, Jose Xtravaganza, Kevin Alexander Stea, Luis Camacho and Carlton Wilborn, all gay except Oliver. They were one of the best things in “Truth or Dare,” taking chances and exposing the public to things they weren’t used to seeing, such as a same-sex kiss.

Gabriel was on the receiving end of that kiss which he begged Madonna to remove from the movie.

When she didn’t, he sued her. A few years later Gabriel died of AIDS.

Carlton Wilborn also held a secret throughout the tour; he was HIV positive.

"Strike a Pose" revisits the dancers and chronicles thier lives both during the controversial tour and in the aftermath fame leaves behind when its had its fill. 

The film opens in select U.S. theaters in January. 

It will also screen at San Diego's Digital Gym, San Diego on February 3, 2017.

You can watch the trailer to "Strike a Pose" below.