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NBC confirms: 'Will & Grace' returning to television

The cast of "Will & Grace" will back a return to television as NBC confirms limited renewal of the sitcom.
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The “is it, or isn’t it?” controversy over whether “Will & Grace” will be coming back to TV may have finally been put to rest this morning.

NBC and some of the stars of the long-running sitcom have officially announced its return for a mini-season.

The teaser video which is now posted on NBC’s official YouTube page confirms:

“Will. Grace. Karen. Jack. TV’s favorite foursome is coming back to NBC for a 10-episode limited run during the 2017-18 season.”

What started as a rumor back in September after  the foursome reunited for a PSA about voting, was quickly laid to rest after the stars denied they would be returning to Will's apartment. .

However, Leslie Jordan, who plays Karen Walker’s frenemy rekindled the flames of a reboot in an interview earlier this month, only to have those hopes dashed as once again cast mates said they were only in talks and nothing was set in stone.

Today it seems, for now, NBC is officially saying the series will return along with all the major players, including caustic maid and Karen foil Rosario.

Even the stars who play the show’s namesake are excited:


“Okay, NOW it’s official! Will & Grace – The Reunion is Coming.” - Eric McCormack, Twitter

No word yet on when the new episodes will air.