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NOM protests Fox's 'The Mick,' but their claims are all wrong

Kaitlin Olson stars as Mackenzie Murphy in Fox's "The Mick."
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Fox Network

The conservative television watchdogs over at the National Organization for Marriage have the Fox Network in their sites over a new television show called The Mick.

The organization is criticizing the channel for the show which has a young trans character, six-year-old Ben played by Jack Stanton, saying it should be called “The Ick.”

Their focus is on a teaser, not the first episode which they claim aired January 1. They said in an email statement their focus was on the child star,“ who is apparently transgender, wearing a bondage gag. Apparently, the producers consider childhood bondage a "joke.’”

Further inciting the reactionary group is a scene they describe as “utterly depraved,” in which the  child allegedly mentions that his dress "kind of breezes" across his private parts, using the term for female genitalia. SDGLN cannot confirm their accusations as the episode has yet to air. 

But, in the same call-to-action, the group falsely states that Ben uses a bondage device, which is untrue; he injures his tongue in episode two and must use a medical mouth brace. 

NOM is calling on their supporters to not only boycott the new show, but sign a petition to get it entirely removed from the air.

They further say that having a boy claim that he has female organs sends the wrong message to children “who might be exposed to this propaganda.”

They say boys don’t have female genitalia and showing one who, “pretends to have a vagina is not practicing comedy, he’s exhibiting signs of gender dysphoria, a serious abnormal psychological condition requiring skilled medical care and therapy.”

“The Mick” is a fish-out-of-water half-hour comedy that follows a degenerate woman named Mackenzie Murphy (The Mick) who moves to the affluent community of Greenwich CT, to raise her spoiled nieces and nephews.

With their privileged eccentric and modern problems the show focuses on issues such as parental abandonment, class lines, and rebellious teens.

The Mick uses unconventional and controversial ways to handle the children; Roofying the oldest daughter into staying home and drinking excessively to the point of blackout is one example.

The network has always stayed controversial with their programming and “The Mick” seems to be another show which uses irreverent comedy in their storylines.

"’The Mick’ is nothing more than propaganda and depravity from the sexual radicals who rule Hollywood,” NOM said in their statement, “a further descent into the cultural swamp that has only accelerated since the US Supreme Court redefined marriage. Once the radicals succeeded in redefining marriage, they have made a headlong push to redefine gender — and now they are using six-year-old children as weapons in their cultural propaganda war on gender.”