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Trump themed restaurant in Iraq has San Diego tie-in

Trump-themed restaurant opens in Iraq.
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One restaurateur in Dohuk, Northern Iraq has paid homage to the incoming president-elect by naming his restaurant after him.

Nadyar Zawiti was was so moved by Trump’s statements about being in favor of Kurdish forces wiping out ISIS that he named his new restaurant Trump Fish. 

Zawiti is hoping that Trump will keep to his word and take down ISIS, but more than that, he holds many of the businessman's traits with high regard. 

"What I admire about Trump's personality," Zawite says, "is that he's decisive, he's tough, and hopefully with that toughness he'll finish ISIS off."

The restaurant's signage has a San Diego tie-in. The logo is taken from an Uproxx article from 2015 where the writers put Trump’s head on NFL teams, in this case Chargers lightning bolts are added to his hair and eyebrows.

The Trump Fish house specialty is maskouf, an Iraqi dish made of oily carp cooked over an open flame.

As for Trump’s statements about banning Muslims in America, Nadyar says that was campaign rhetoric and he simply shrugs it off.

The  restaurant owner hopes to bring his eatery concept to the United States, opening one right next to the White House if Trump would allow it.