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Artist creates a visual obituary of celebrity deaths in 2016

U.K. artist Chris Barker pays tribute to those we lost in 2016.
Photo credit:
Chris Barker - Twitter

The Grim Reaper played havoc on 2016, taking swipes with his scythe at many of pop culture’s most recognized celebrities, especially music icons who seemed to be his prime targets.

Artist Chris Barker wanted to pay tribute to those that Death managed to abscond with and created an image reminiscent of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover.

George Michael, PrinceDavid BowieAlan RickmanGene WilderRobert VaughanZsa Zsa Gabor and Leonard Cohen are a part of the lugubrious art piece..

Barker created the visual obituary this past November, but had to constantly update the collage when another star fell.

“This year really has got a wicked sense of humor,” Barker told The Huffington Post. “Just when you think it can’t shock you any more it manages to pull something else out of the bag. I dread to think what’s next frankly but for those who are asking what I have planned for next year? I don’t know. Not this, that’s for sure.”

Barker’s image has gone viral, but he says he has not profited from it in any way.

“As a photographer pointed out to me, it would kind of be unethical to profit from something that makes use of so many peoples’ intellectual property so that’s why I am asking people to donate to charity.”

In addition to the several men and women we lost in 2016, Barker also includes many key historical moments that dominated the year such as Brexit and Donald Trump’s win as president of the United States.

Barker says in lieu of making a profit from the image, he encourages people to donate to a cause, “any charity will do,” Barker added, “apart from the Trump Foundation. That’s not even a charity in my opinion.”