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Moving Kodak short proves 'Love Wins'

Moving short from Kodak is a tearjerker.
Photo credit:
Kodak Motion Picture Film

A new short film from Kodak is a moving tribute to being gay, and the power of acceptance.

“Understanding” is directed by Terry Rayment and it tells the story of a young man named Nolan who is in love with his classmate Dillon.

The two are inadvertently outed by his younger sister who catches them kissing in Nolan's bedroom.

This news seems troubling to his father, who finds himself in the grips of an inner struggle.

Nolan is also confused about the revelation, and appears to mirror his father’s inner strife.

The conclusion of this nearly three-minute short takes place on Nolan’s birthday, when his father gives him a heartfelt present that proves once again, love wins.

Get you Kleenex ready and watch the entire short below: