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'Finding Prince Charming' Robert Sepúlveda Jr. recreates escort days in new calendar

 Robert Sepulveda Jr poses for limited edition 2017 calendar recreating his sex worker past.
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Logo Network’s gay bachelor, Robert Sepulveda Jr. from “Finding Prince Charming” is recreating his escort past in a new calendar to benefit sex workers.

TMZ reports that the 33-year-old  wanted art to imitate life and posed for the semi-nude prints in real situations he found himself in while being an escort.

Allegations of Sepulveda’s sex worker past came to light just before the premiere of “Finding Prince Charming,” he confirmed those speculations just before the show’s debut.

This calendar is described as a photo essay which gives viewers a glimpse into the "harsh reality many sex workers face," a reality Sepulveda says he also had to endure in order to survive. 

"I do not regret taking control of my life at a time when my life had no control and no security," he says on the calendar website.

I chose to do what I thought was best for me, to support myself, to make it and for that I have no regrets.

I answer to me, my body is mine, and I take ownership of my body and do with it as I see fit.

I see my past, the good and the ugly as lessons, even being raped at age 19 – forced to have sex or not get home safely, as a lesson – gifts from god that have taught me so much and have made me the fighter I am today."

The 2017 calendar titled “Rented” can be purchased for $50 with all proceeds going to the Sex Worker’s Project.

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