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San Diego couple create Trump Christmas tree

South Bay couple adorn their Christmas tree with Trump-themed ornaments.
Photo credit:
ABC 10

A South Bay couple have decided to festoon their entire Christmas tree with an homage to president-elect Donald Trump.

Ginny and John tell San Diego’s 10 News that they create a different theme every year for their tree, and this year that decision was an easy choice.

 "We discussed what the theme would be and it just automatically came to me. It had to be a Trump tree this year," said Ginny.

They commissioned an artist on craft site Etsy to customize their decorations with Trump catchphrases such as “Yuge,” “Make America Great Again,” and “Crooked Hillary.”

Ginny is impressed with how the tree turned out.

"I think it came together pretty nice," she said.

They tell 10 News that not everyone will appreciate their choice of theme, but they are fine with that.

"I just feel sorry for them if they can't appreciate what we want to do," said John.

Ginny adds, "He won fair and square. He's what America needs now... It's more spirit now than ever."

The couple purposely did not reveal their last names. 

You can watch the entire ABC 10 news report HERE