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LGBT holiday ornaments infuriate Christian group

These tree ornaments have set off a U.K. Christian group.
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A DIY Christmas project has gained some momentum thanks to social media and one Christian group has taken notice.

Artist Mark Thaler was inspired by the season and decided to create two very unique tree ornaments, one featuring two Josephs looking over the baby Jesus and a lesbian counterpart.

The ornaments were inspired from  pictures taken by retired lesbian Pastor Kittredge Cherry of Los Angeles. 

The U.K.-based religious group Christian Concern's chef executive Andrea Williams has spoken out about the ornaments saying they are sacrilegious.

She calls them a, “blasphemous attempt to rewrite the Christmas story.”  

 Williams adds, “These decorations are a desperate and ridiculous attempt to pretend that homosexual relationships are pure and holy,

"The LGBT lobby is not interested in the welfare of children but only in pursuing its own selfish agenda. Trying to rewrite the Christmas story is their latest self-deception.”

Thaler, based in California created the yuletide works of art for his company Pride and More for web marketplace Zazzle,

He says his work shouldn’t be drawing that much criticism from the Christian group and to let people co-exist free of judgments.

“‘It’s just an image,” he said. “They need to focus on themselves and not worry about what everyone else is doing.”

However, Thaler told The Daily Mail that he is thinking about taking them down from the site “out of respect for his fellow humans.”

The ornament are being sold exclusively on Zazzle.co.uk. 

UPDATE - This article now refelcts that retired Pastor Kittredge Cherry took the pictures of the nativity scene of which the ornaments are inspired.