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Sherry Vine tells the story of Hannukah in funny new video

Sherry Vine as Mama Gottbinder sings "Hannukah” in song parody.
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For those of you who don’t know the history of “Hannukah,” let drag entertainer Sherry Vine break it down for you in her new video on YouTube.

The performer transforms into her alter ego “Mama Gottbinder” to hilariously educate the public about the Jewish Festival of Lights, and she and her writing partner Josh Rosensweig think it’s about time.

“Josh and I have talking about doing a Hanukkah celebration for years,” says Sherry Vine from gaySVTVworld’s Manhattan studios.  “Christmas has always been strongly represented in drag, but to my knowledge, no other drag queen has ever done a huge Hanukkah event like this.  After putting the week’s ‘Oy To The World’ programming together, I see why.  It’s a lot of work! Christmas is just one day. Hanukkah is eight!”

The video, sung to Blondie’s “Rapture,” is part of an eight-day line-up of material being played on the YouTube network, gaySVTVworld. This holiday line-up will include musical parodies in the key of Hannukah.

“I’m only half Jewish so I learned a lot by preparing for the week, including the history and story behind Hanukkah and the job of the Mohel who is trained in the practice of brit milah, the covenant of circumcision.  It was all eye-opening and maybe a bit leg-crossing and crotch-holding too,” Vine adds.

You can watch the debut of Sherry Vine’s video below, and tune into YouTube Networks gaySVTVworld beginning on December 24, for more enlightening entertainment in their “Oy to the World” holiday programming.