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First out network news anchor Thomas Roberts' show canceled

Thomas Roberts' show on MSNBC gets canceled.
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Thomas Roberts, network television’s first out news anchor, reported on Facebook over the weekend that his show “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts” has been canceled.

In 2015, Roberts hosted NBC’s Nightly News making LGBT network news history.

The anchor posted on Facebook that he didn’t want the public to hear of the cancelation from anyone else but him

“It is true I won’t be keeping my current show weekdays on MSNBC. My last show was Thursday.”

The blue-eyed newscaster has been out publicly for a decade when he worked for the cable news station CNN.

He recently won an Emmy for his coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

Roberts only teases at where his career will take him from here.

“So what’s next? Stay tuned!” Roberts wrote on Facebook.

Until his future is revealed, Roberts says he is going to spend time with his husband and family over the holidays. He sent a special message to his fans.

“Also, a BIG thanks to the viewers who've been supporters of our coverage at MSNBC. Hearing from you (whether positive or negative) is always an important thing for me.”