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National Geographic Magazine makes history with Jan. issue

Trans youth appears on National Geographic magazine, a first for the publication.
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National Geographic made history this year. The publication features their first trans model ever to grace the cover of the 128-year-old publication.

The special issue titled “The Gender Revolution” shows Avery Jackson, a 9-year-old transgender girl within the famous yellow borders.

The caption comes from Avery herself: “The best part of being a girl is now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”

Last June, Avery made headlines when she helped make Planting Peace's "Transgender House," a reality. The pink, blue and white home is across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas. 

Avery began her transition at 4-years-old with supportive parents at her side.

“We were really excited about this issue, thinking it would come out right as Hillary was about to be inaugurated,” Avery’s mom, Debi Jackson, posted on the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation. “But positive trans stories are even more necessary now…”

New Now Next reports that this special issue of National Geographic, on newsstands Dec. 27, will focus on gender topics from identity and fluidity to non-conformity.

Katie Couric will host a two-hour documentary titled “Gender Revolution” on the Nat Geo channel February 6 at 9/8c.

Perhaps now more than any time in modern history have transgender issues been at the forefront of a worldwide discussion.

From “Bathroom bills” to early transitioning through medicine, the topic has become one of the most talked about, both in political platforms and everyday society. 

Recently, a study from the National Center for Transgender Equality revealed some very sobering issues about transgender men and women, such as discrimination, violence and even suicide.

“I wish people weren’t afraid of transgender people. I’m not a monster. I’m not scary. I just want to be treated like every other human,” Avery said last March.