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Bianca Del Rio says she will do anything but 'that'

Drag queen of mean Bianca Del Rio stars in two new Logo specials, "Not Today Bianca."
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World of Wonder - Logo

The stinging Drag Queen of Mean, Bianca Del Rio is probably the hardest working queen in show business at the moment. Her website is chock full of appearance dates and there is more to come.

She took some time out of that schedule, at her New York digs, to talk to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News about her new special, what she has planned for the future, and something she says she will never do.

The entertainer is appearing on Logo tonight in back-to-back specials called “Not Today Bianca.” This Seinfeld-esq foray into situation comedy has the signature Del Rio sting.

In the first episode, Bianca has just relocated to Los Angeles, and is trying to get a booking  on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but as everyone knows nothing in Hollywood comes easy.  

The next one which airs directly after is a holiday-themed story about her plight to find the true meaning of the holidays. 

A Louisiana native, the drag star has had a few moves in her life once to New York after Hurricane Katrina, and most recently to Los Angeles, at least that’s the premise of her new Logo special.

World of Wonder approached her with a pitch, but they weren't sure in which direction to take it. Bianca says they finally agreed on following her though Los Angeles as she tries to make her talk show debut. 

I asked if the special had any similarities to her real-life experiences, “Well yes and no, I mean it’s Bianca’s world, it’s not my real life,” she said.

“And so basically it just parallels – loosely - my insane life in Los Angeles. You never see me as myself, you only see me as Bianca and we never reference the fact that I’m a drag queen.”

She adds, “It’s a lot of fun to get to do. They were creative and they had these outlines and from the outlines we were able to create magic.”

Some of Hollywood’s best known actors and actresses wanted to be a part of that magic. Special guest stars Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210) and Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun) were on board to make cameos. Even internet sensation TS Madison stopped by to participate in a small role.

“I had my opinions and views of them prior to doing this,” she laughs. “But to be in the company of them, they were lovely. Such team players and they made it a lot of fun. I think the outtakes are far, far more interesting than what we actually filmed. Kristen is a hoot. Tori was such a sweetheart, so fun and willing to make fun of herself which I totally appreciated, so we had a blast. We had a good time."

With a movie and two specials for Logo under her belt, I asked her if she wanted to tackle all mediums. Unlike her friend, Lady Bunny, who seems to keep her career strictly to the stage, Bianca says it’s a matter of finding the right balance.

“I’ve done drag now twenty-one years and what’s been amazing about the process is that you find what works best for you,” she said. “And there’s lots of queens who are brilliant at lip-syncing, brilliant at dancing, and brilliant at singing and stuff. It’s not really my forte.”

She says Lady Bunny is a genius, one of her best “rotted” and “demented” friends and to be associated with her is an honor.

“You know, you’re only as good as the company you keep. So, I think you find what works for you, and then you roll with it. I’ve been lucky enough all these years.”

I was curious to hear if she ever officially met with Jimmy Kimmel after filming her show.

“He’s not even on my radar,“ she laughs. "I was supposed like him for this episode. I haven’t kept up with the show, but hopefully soon. Hopefully.”

As for the future, Bianca is booked solid, she has  no intentions of slowing down, and that means traveling the world and perhaps a regular show on Logo and a sequel to her feature film. 

“There’s a lot going on" she says. "I’m still continuing my tour. I did twenty-nine cities earlier this year and then I’m continuing in the spring. February I’m in the U.K. doing thirteen shows and then I do additional fifteen in the United States which can all be found on my website thebiancadelrio.com."

And if this holiday show works out well, there’s more to come. So I’m quite excited and we’re currently working on the sequel to “Hurricane Bianca” so all is good.”

Being Hollywood bound, and having such a diverse talent which spans from stage to screen I told her there is still one aspect of drag entertainment she has to conquer.  Perhaps a dance single like so many in her drag sisterhood have done.

“Oh god no! Never,” she exclaimed. “Not gonna happen to me, not gonna happen at all," she laughs. "God bless them, let them do that. Not my thing...no one wants to hear me sing.”

“Not Today Bianca” featuring Bianca Del Rio, will premiere on Thursday, December 15, at 9 pm ET/PT, kicking off the network’s “Sleigh the Holidays”programming block which will continue through Sunday, January 1.

For more information on “Not Today Bianca” and “Sleigh the Holidays,” visit LogoTV.com