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Lady Bunny skewers Trump in new holiday video

Lady Bunny recites her own version of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," in hilarious new video.
Photo credit:
Lady Bunny - YouTube

The one and only Lady Bunny reads the re-imagined “'Twas the Night Before Christmas” in her latest YouTube video.

In her version called “'Twas the Night Before Trumpmas,” she skewers the incoming administration, sparing no one, not even incoming First Lady Melania.

Beryl Mendelbaum wrote the bit to reflect the Trump household on Christmas Eve if they were to be visited by the jolly elf. 

Lady Bunny has been showing her anti-Trump activism via her stand-up by making jokes about the billionaire in her act. 

In one appearance at the Stonewall Inn this past November, Bunny told a joke which involved the ghosts of three former U.S. presidents: Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

In the joke, Trump asks Lincoln’s ghost how he can be the best president ever.

 Abe responds, “Go to the theater…”

You can watch Lady Bunny’s take on Christmas Eve at the Trump household in “'Twas the Night Before Trumpmas” below: