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Billboard's 'Woman of the Year' Madonna says ''Women hate women"

Madonna talks about her career, being a woman and Donald Trump.
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Billboard Magazine

Madonna has been working in the music business for over three decades. Forming the basis of sexually diverse pop music and videos which granted many of today’s trailblazers the ability to express themselves in the forum she revolutionized.

The 58-year-old mother has steadily been keeping herself both audible and visible every chance she gets. And with the current political air, she seems to be more vocal than ever. 

Starting In the 80’s Madonna' s FM pop singles never dipped below the dance chart top ten, then in the 90’s she embraced the techno allure of raves and circuit culture worldwide influencing another generation of music lovers. 

The years following, she continued to affect the masses with her unflinching self-determination and personal triumphs.

Before Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or even Adele, Madonna served as a spokesperson for the LGBT community advocating sexual freedom with a political intensity she threw from every direction of entertainment. 

She is a larger-than-life icon who managed to survive the business both professionally and socially. It's a feat that has truly made her a legend of her own time.  

Billboard magazine recently named her “Woman of the Year” and she sat down with them to discuss everything from the Trump election to being an aging artist in the music industry.

On the election results:

"It felt like someone died. It felt like a ­combination of the heartbreak and betrayal you feel when someone you love more than anything leaves you, and also a death. I feel that way every morning; I wake up and say, “Oh, wait, Donald Trump is still the president,” and it wasn’t a bad dream that I had. It feels like women betrayed us. The percentage of women who voted for Trump was insanely high."

On why women voted for Trump:

"Women hate women...."

What her friends who voted for Trump give as their reason:

That they would rather have a successful businessman running the country than a woman who lies. Just absurd.... In a way, it makes sense that Donald Trump is the president. Because money rules. Not intelligence, not experience, not a moral compass, not the ability to make wise ­decisions, not the ability to think of the future of the human race.

On being an agent for change:

I’m trying to figure out my response to Trump...I want to rain on his parade.

On ageism:

"Age is only brought up with regard to women. It’s connected to sexism, chauvinism and misogyny. When Leonardo is 60 years old, no one is going to talk about his relevance. Am I relevant as a female in this society that hates women? Well, to people who are educated and are not chauvinists or ­misogynists, yes."

On being a control freak:

"I don’t want to have an event that I’m not proud of. It’s like everything that I do. My shows, my films, my house, the way I raise my children. I take great offense when details are overlooked."

Madonna has more to say in the interview, some things may surprise you, but if you know the singer she has always been brutally honest and this time is no different.  

You can read the full Billboard interview by clicking HERE.