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Dave Chappelle will return to TV on Netflix

David Chappelle portraying his character Tyrone Biggums
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Comedian David Chappelle is returning to television for the first time since he abandoned his highly popular skit comedy "Chappelle's Show" show in 2006.

He will now move to Netflix and release a trio of shows simultaneously in 2017 reports the Associated Press.

Although Netflix won't give any air dates, they do confirm that one of the specials is being produced exclusively for the streaming service, while the other two are personal, never-before-seen shows that "come directly from Chappelle's personal comedy vault."

You may remember Comedy Central’s critically acclaimed “Chappelle’s Show” in which the comedian portrayed such characters as pop icon Prince and hearing impaired rapper Lil Jon.

Other notable characters were Tron Carter and Tyrone Biggums, the heroin addict.

Biggums recently made an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” where he was part of Chapelle's spoof of “The Walking Dead.”

The comedian is best known for tackling race relations and political topics with satiric fervor.