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New star-studded music video 'Holy' explores LGBT love and The Bible

The video for Danielle LoPresti's "Holy" starring Anna Khaja
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Danielle LoPresti - YouTube

Sometimes the thickest blocks in the walls of hate are set by those who love us and we trust the most. They build using The Bible as uneven bricks and loose scripture as mortar, expecting it to remain solid.  

Scarier still are the masons who construct these barriers, making God their near-sighted foreman. 

In the new video “Holy” from her latest album “House of D,” Danielle LoPresti explores the significance of love as it is expressed in the Bible and how it applies to couples who must traverse its many interpretations.

The star-studded video release is a powerful reminder of the prejudice the LGBT community must endure even by those who we deem most trustworthy. 

In the video, a confused but caring minister, played by actress Anna Khaja (ABC’s Quantico) councils some of her LGBT members. However, suddenly stricken with conflict, she must tell them even though she loves them, she doesn’t agree with their relationships.

“I know what’s right,” she says.

This is a personal  song and video for LoPresti who makes a cameo with her wife Alicia Champion and their 5-year-old adopted son Xander. 

LoPresti’s personal experiences being raised in a Catholic environment and the struggles and redemptions she faced therein are the inspiration for the track.

She remembers one life-changing  instance later in her career when Foothills Methodist Church asked her to perform for them, but they didn’t just want her to sing her traditional safer songs, they also wanted to hear the personal ones about her life.

“Here was a traditional church that was making a revolutionary step in reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community to say we are sorry," she explains. "We get it now. There was no reason to exclude you. You are as godly and beautiful as any other of God’s children... forgive us.’ It was stunning. I felt so incredibly honored to be the first artist they invited.”

After her performance, she says she heard over and over again that people were most moved by the stories about her relationship with wife Alicia and their struggles. It was then that she decided to write the song “Holy.”

“One of the most beautiful things about this song, for me,” says LoPresti, “is that it is so purely personal, so deeply and exactly true, and yet utterly universal, all at once. As with most things, when we have the courage to tell our stories, we discover over and over again how connected we all are.”

The mini-movie also stars Arrow’s John Barrowman and his real-life husband Scott Gill. Each couple featured in the video must explain their relationship and how they feel, creating more conflict in a space that is supposed to be accepting.

“It’s only as complicated as we make it,” says one woman sitting with her family.

Originally the video was to be released later this year, but as the presidential election grew closer in November, LoPresti thought the message for “Holy” was too important to delay. 

"My hope is that "Holy" will help advance the discussion with those who don't yet see the equality of all people," says LoPresti, "No matter how firm folks may be in their beliefs, real progress begins when we find the courage to not only be who we are in the midst of one another’s differences, but to listen and engage in compassionate exchange."

"Holy" seems to say using scripture as a weapon of hate is an infinite battle that will never end in victory because warriors overlook its simpliest resolution; love.

Says LoPresti's wife Alicia, "Holy' is not only beautifully done, it is such an important video for everyone to see because it recapitulates age old questions from both sides while simultaneously opening the viewer's mind to just how simple the answers are."

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