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'Flashdance' meets 'Footloose' in Leon Else's new video

Leon Else uses dance moves as therapy.
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Perhaps not since John Travolta took his feet to task in “Stayin’ Alive” or Kevin Bacon in “Footloose” has a male performer showcased so much expression through the art of dance.

In fact British singer Leon Else’s new single is titled “Dance” (see below) and he exemplifies every aspect of that moniker in his new high-energy video.

The video’s sole purpose was to show how dancing can be used as a form of therapy.

With only a single chair, a lamp and a few other props, Leon utilizes the entire space to express his emotions using energy and movement to evince the fight against psychological struggle.  

"The song is about dancing as a way to make depression go away," says Leon. "It is about how music can be like medicine and finding ways to get through life by yourself. For me, that's moving and being physical."

Leon is a trained dancer and is known for his introspective storytelling and fluid expression.

In his youth, he didn’t have the money to attend the best dance schools in England, so he worked hard and made enough to pay for them himself.

It is this unrelenting ethic that encompasses his music and footwork.

“Dance” is the follow-up to Leon's other his other dance track called “Black Car.”

His full EP is scheduled to be released in 2017.