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Designer creates color-changing Pride denim hoodie

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Fashion designer Kevin Chin has created a denim hoodie that will eventually change from blue to the colors of Pride. 

“I wanted to create a design that can be worn to express support for LGBT people without being exclusive to members of that community,” Chin told SDGLN.

The Gay Jean Jacket is being pitched to subscribers of the fashion crowdfunding webpage Betabrand. The site allows designers both amateur and professional a platform in which to get their designs manufactured.

The concept for the jacket was inspired by the extremely popular Gay Jeans by designer Steven B. Wheeler which also change color the more you wear and wash them.  

How it works is, indigo-colored threads are layered over the primary colors and as they get broken in, the denim color gradually fades and those of pride become exposed.

As with the jeans, Chin says he wants people to express themselves freely, that includes their fashion choices. 

“The Gay Jean Jacket can be worn to express your own identity, voice your support for LGBT issues, or as a sign of solidarity but is subtle enough for times when you don't want to share that with everyone.”

In order for the hoodie to be green-lit by Betabrand, there would have to be enough people interested in the product Chin says. “There is a contest going on right now to get a Betabrand shopping spree for the designer that gets the most votes by the end of November 21.”

So far, Chin has received over a hundred votes for his concept and says he is amazed to see so many people who are interested in making the concept a reality. 

"I intended for the design to be stylish and accessible so that the Gay Jean Jacket could be a wearable garment and not just a fun gimmick," he said. 

You can support Chin's Gay Jean Jacket concept by clicking HERE