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Entertainment in Hillcrest now more important than ever

Rich’s is also a great venue for weekend pleasure and energetic shows such as the eye-popping drag show DIVAS which plays twice a month.
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Timothy Rawles - SDGLN

As San Diego’s LGBT community carries on their lives in the midst of shock over Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States, there is still one bright light at the end of the tunnel for our community and that’s entertainment.

Perhaps now more than ever people must get up and out of their houses to visit the neighborhood and not only re-connect with people in Hillcrest, but take in a show or just have brunch with a friend. 

Remember when you support a local entertainment event, you are giving your dollars to performers and thier families for healthcare, rent and basic human needs, something which appears to be threatened by the Trump administration. 

Hillcrest is alive with quality events which serve as buffers for the everyday trials an tribulations of a changing world.

The restorative powers of entertainment can be seen throughout history, from the Great Depression, or even further back to the 14th century Renaissance which followed the philospohy of, "Man is the measure of all things."

One thing that entertainment can do is unite people in ways that don’t focus on the negative and gives them a chance to laugh, dance sing and shed the feeling that all is lost.

San Diego has no shortage of performers or shows which uplift the spirit and give a fresh outlook to an otherwise dismal year.

Take for instance our own Chad Michaels, a drag performer who never disappoints with her many costumes and production values.

Rich’s is also a great venue for weekend pleasure and energetic shows such as the eye-popping drag show DIVAS which plays twice a month.

If you are looking for a more relaxed lounge feel, Martinis Above Fourth is a place that constantly has live singers, some world renowned.

Don’t forget San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus and their events which open throughout the year. These concerts not only provide an uplifting and inspirational message; they also help the community with awareness and support.

San Diego could be perceived as being one of the country’s foremost leaders of musical entertainment.

Our own DJ Tristan Jaxx takes to the deck at multiple circuit parties throughout the year and invites some of the most recognized DJs to join him on stage to provide a night’s-worth of dance, music and lights which leave attendees burdens at the door.

Say hello to the many bartenders - celebrities in their own right - who mix up specialty cocktails and signature libations. 

Movies are also a big part of societal happiness.

FilmOut constantly presents movies that haven’t been seen on the big screen since their theatrical releases, and Digital Gym is a theater that showcases some of the best independent films both with LGBT themes and cultural awareness.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News’ sister publication SDPIX is the community’s guidebook for all things entertainment. If there is ever a question on what one should do to rid themselves of the presidential blues, just pick up a copy of this glossy mag at one of the many locations around the neighborhood or bookmark the website here.

You can also check out SDGLN for interviews with your favorite celebrities both local and worldwide.

Jim Winsor’s “Out & About” is a weekly blog posted to SDGLN every Thursday with his community picks for nightlife fun.

In this time of uncertainty, we must remember that our community is still as strong as it ever was, and when we get out and enjoy ourselves, whether it be just for a cocktail and appetizer at Uptown Tavern, or a quick hello to Eddie Rey at the haunted San Diego LGBT Visitors Center, we remain united despite who is running the country.

We are in control of our own neighborhood and entertainers are now more willing than ever to bring a smile to your face as we head into a four year reign of conservative rule.