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Pansexual pop diva Aston releases first dance video 'Circles'

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Those of you who want to amp up your music streaming services with dance tunes, may want to check out the up-and-coming anthem diva Aston.

Her self-titled EP, was recently released and includes six songs with style-inspirations taken from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Kesha.

Her latest video for the dance single “Circles” was posted to YouTube last week and contains choreography by Tina Landon who has taught Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and Jay-Z special moves.

Aston says that she left her hometown of Houston Texas after she was constantly bullied because of her overt sexuality and pansexuality.

“My goal is to show, no matter what you’ve been subjected to in the past, when you work your butt off, and stick with what you’re doing, anything is possible,” she says on her website.

She is hoping to break free of those past judgements and let her music reveal everything about her while reaching others who might be experiencing the same limiting aspects of their lives because of judgements about their sexuality.

“I’m hoping that my story and my music will give people the courage to be true to themselves.” Aston says about her debut EP. “I want these songs to inspire people to be fearless!”