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Eight-year-old dresses as Hillary, Twitter feed goes wild

8-year-old dresses like Hillary Clinton for Halloween and Twitter goes wild.
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@DebbersGar - Twitter

Two mothers are feeling the heat in this election as their Twitter feed is inundated with responses to a picture they posted of their 8-year-old son dressed as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The picture has gone viral and depicts their child dressed in a bright-yellow Hillary-inspired pantsuit, complete with cardboard briefcase emblazoned with her campaign logo.

“Our eight-year-old son is with you Hillary Clinton today and everyday,” they posted on Twitter on Sunday.

Although most reactions to the picture have been positive, there are some who are taking the opportunity to attack not only the family’s political views, but fill the comments section with anti-LGBT rhetoric.

“Because they are a lesbian couple and they're indoctrinating him into becoming gay. Sick.” – @TravisBickle96

“This is why lesbians shouldn't b able to raise children. Sad what ur doing to him.” – Boss_Zogg

“Congrats on raising a deviant. I'll look forward to the serial killer trial they'll have for him in 15 years.” -  @DavidofSC

“This is child abuse. Your child should be taken from you.” - @AutisticWeapon

On the positive side, there are many people who find the costume amusing and are supportive of the family.

“You are the best, your son is the best, and don't listen to the hateful no-brain idiots. You are both AMAZING” - @RachaelHerron

“how freaking cute! Love this!” - @EireannDolan

“OMG he is adorable! Brightened my day. Thank you” - @someone_uknow

“Your son is a national treasure!” - @erpdc

The parents, in a follow up Tweet said their 5-year old daughter didn't have a costume and they suggested she dress as Clinton first, but after she refused, thier son volunteered, saying, "Well someone's gotta be Hillary!"