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Pornhub now offers gay adult films for VR devices

Pornhub partnered with another gay site called Virtual Real Gay for their immersive films. 
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Those popular front-focal virtual reality (VR) view masters for your cell phones can now be used to watch gay adult films on adult site Pornhub (NSFW), the company reported today.

The technology has already been in place for straight videos since May.

Pornhub partnered with another gay webpage called Virtual Real Gay (NSFW) to feature the immersive films. 

As a result viewers can now have a 180-degree experience with a handful of free videos provided through the adults-only domain.

Pornhub said in a release that one doesn’t need an expensive VR hook-up to see the content, a simple $15 cardboard attachment can be purchased for Android users.

Vice President of Pornhub, Corey Price said his company prides itself on providing all users with content they want to see, “And, according to our data, that’s gay content.”

He said gay men, women and even straight men are interested in gay videos, making that genre a very popular request, and virtual reality should be available to everyone at no extra charge. 

“Why shouldn’t users be able to check out the immersive experience – for free – that VR technologies offers?” he asks.

The VR category features stars such as Matt Anders, Mickey Taylor, Johannes Lars and Antonio Miracle.

Fetish site Kink.com also had a few videos available for use with the virtual reality viewers.