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Decal depicts Confederate battle flag kicking pride-colors for 'Trump 2016'

Decal seen in Florida is apparently two separate stickers placed together.
Photo credit:
Jeff Chastain via Pink News

You may have seen this decal making its rounds on the internet over the weekend.

The bumper sticker depicts two human icons, one colored to look like a Confederate flag and the other the universal symbol for the LGBT community.

The words “Trump 2016” are printed underneath the two forms as the confederate symbol kicks the LGBT one in the stomach.

The Confederate flag has long been associated with the conservative south. Some say it is a modern symbol of racism, homophobia and oppression because it was used when the southern states seceded in support of slavery.

The decal can be found online, sold through a company called “Fast Decals,” reports Gay Star News.

Conversely, People can also purchase the decal depicting the Pride-colored figure kicking the confederate-colored figure as well.

However, a quick search done by SDGLN shows that the decal is now longer on the site, instead replaced by a peace symbol with rainbow colors on one side and the confederate colors on the other titled “Peace Confederate and Rainbow Flag Decal/Sticker.”

The original image went viral as people on social media re-posted the decal as it was shown on the back of a black pickup truck allegedly seen in Florida. 

Snopes.com, a site which debunks or confirms social claims, says that the decal seen on the internet is actually two images combined. 

The aggressive confederate decal has been affixed to the vehicle while the "Trump 2016" is actually separate, the vehicle owner just married the two.