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YouTube series 'Queer Kid Stuff' educates the very young on community issues

Host Lindsay Amer and her friend "Teddy" teach young kids about LGBT issues.
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YouTube - Queer Kid Stuff

Lindsay Amer has created a new YouTube show called Queer Kid Stuff, or “qks for short.

The series is updated every Wednesday and tackles LGBT issues presented in a format much like that of an educational show a preschooler would find on PBS.

The series discusses things such as Gay Marriage, the word “queer” and gender Identity in terms that children can understand.

Lindsay and her inquisitive co-host “Teddy” the bear, speak openly and respectfully about issues even an adult might not yet comprehend.

In one episode, Teddy doesn’t understand how to define gender, “I thought only boys had short hair and wear ties?” the stuffed animal asks referring to Lindsay's style. 

“You make a really good point Teddy,” Lindsay responds, “but just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t wear those things too or anything else that I want to wear.”

Lindsay says she is a storyteller by heart, and that her background is in children’s theater.

She writes on her crowd-funding page for Patreon: “I received my undergraduate degree in theater from Northwestern University, with a minor in gender studies and certificates in theater for young audiences and civic engagement.”

You can check out the entire series thus far by clicking HERE.

Or you can support further episodes of the show by donating to Patreon HERE.