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'The first truly gay horror fantasy' will play in Hillcrest on Oct. 12

Just in time for Halloween, "Nightbreed" invades Hillcrest for one night only.
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What is it about the movie “Nightbreed” that makes the LGBT community identify with its characters so much?

The movie based on openly gay author Clive Barker’s novella “Cabal” is an adventure fantasy with horror overtones.

Renown Chilean director Alejandro Jodorosky has called the film, “The first truly gay horror fantasy.”

“Nightbreed,” which will be shown in a San Diego theater for the first time at Hillcrest Cinemas -- Landmark Theatres on Wednesday Oct. 12, was first released in 1990 to negative reviews, but had a complete director overhaul in 2014, after author Clive Barker was disappointed with how it was marketed on its original release.

Having become a cult classic, the movie has reached a new generation of genre lovers who embrace the film as an analogy to the LGBT community.

In the film, we meet young Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) in the care of a psychotherapist who convinces him that he is responsible for a rash of serial killings therefore ordering him to turn himself in.

But before he can, Boone is struck down by a truck and taken to the hospital where he meets a patient blathering about a secret place called Midian.

Eventually Boone makes his way to the secret hideaway where he meets a menagerie of supernatural characters including Kinski and Peloquin.

Boone is accepted into this secret society by leader Dirk Lylesburg.

A bloody battle ensues between the Nightbreed and the police which will dramatically affect the future of the outcasts and who will lead them should they survive. 

“Nightbreed” captures the essence of being marginalized and persecuted for being different. These misunderstood creatures are peaceful and want only to be left alone.

Unfortunately, Boone has a destiny to fulfill and the outcome is necessary for a prophecy to be complete.

The original ending was nixed for the Director’s Cut, and that is the version you will see at Wednesday night’s showing. You will also see footage not included in the original release. 

Filled with gore and practical effects and a score by Danny Elfman, the film is a treasure for devout moviegoers both gay and straight. 

Just in time for Halloween, “Nightbreed” is not only a perfect primer for the season, but also a great way to celebrate LGBT history month, if only to understand the plight of the many outcasts who struggled to change the way society looked at those who are different.

“Nightbreed” is presented by FilmOut and Diversionary Theatre, and will play on Wednesday, October 12, at 7 pm at the Hillcrest Cinemas -- Landmark Theatre.

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