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Transgender model Sabel Gonzales: 'The Price of Being Me'

Slay Modeling Agencies Sabel Gonzales
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I AM Vodka - YouTube

Filipino model Sabel Gonzales has joined the new “I AM Vodka” campaign which celebrates living your life as your authentic self.

The advertisement follows Sabel as she strolls down the beach while different images are overlaid to exemplify exactly what she had to pay in order to become the person she is today.

“One parent…two jobs…four broken ribs…twelve thousand dollars…nine operations…this is the price of being me,” she says in a voice over.

Sabel is under contract with transgender-only modeling agency Slay, located in Los Angeles. The company is the subject of Oxygen’s new reality series of the same name produced by Whoopi Goldberg.

Sabel’s journey has been one fraught with discrimination, ridicule and social exile.

“I AM Vodka” was moved by her courage and strength and made her their inagural profile story for "The Price of Being Me" campaign. 

You can watch the Sabel’s story below: