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Comedians prank North Carolinians using HB2 law and a food truck

Shocked straight patrons get refused service in this Comedy Central prank.
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Comedy Central - YouTube

The Daily Show wanted to see what would happen if they went to North Carolina and opened up a discriminatory food truck that didn’t serve gay patrons.

Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper went to the state which passed HB2 into law in March of this year, a sweeping ordinance that gives businesses the right to discriminate based on personal religious beleifs

The two rolled into town and quickly opened up shop.

The premise is that customers who come up to the window to order food may or may not get served depending on whether the comedians perceive them as gay.

Many were surprised once the men refused to fill thier orders based on a snap judgment made about  their sexuality.  

“It feels wrong doing it," comedian Klepper told one surprised guest, "to discriminate because you’re gay.“

“I’m not gay,” the man implores, “I’ve been married for twenty-two years.”

“You got proof?" Wood asks.

The experiment went as you expect; many who tried to order food and were denied for being gay are first surprised, then angry.

“You’re arbitrarily and randomly not serving me,” said one agitated male victim.

The comedian responds.“I was told this was cool in North Carolina.”

The experiment ends claiming that 70-percent of people who live in North Carolina don't support HB2, but until legislation overturns the discriminatory law, what the comedians did is perfectly legal in that state.