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Couple create Disney magic for engagment shoot

Yalonda and Kayla Solseng find their Disney magic.
Photo credit:
Sun & Moon Photography

Disney magic struck these two women who decided to dress up as their favorite Mouse-house princesses for their engagement photos.

Yalonda and Kayla Solseng met on the dating app “Kettle of Fish,” and discovered that they were truly meant for each other.

"Our connection was like none other," Kayla told Huffington Post. "We then hung out every single day from that day on for the next three weeks. We couldn’t get enough of each other!"

The photos were taken on June 29, but the couple has since tied the knot on Sept. 29.

The women are big fans of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” and Kayla said the idea for the pictorial came from her wife Yalonda who had dreamed about it.

Yalonda portrays Cinderella complete with a hand crafted glass slipper made of glitter and rhinestones. 

Kayla embodies Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Photographer, Erin Miller of Sun & Moon Photography captured several pictures of the betrothed, creating a fairytale of her own.

"It felt truly amazing, almost like a dream," said Kayla. "I had my real-life princess and true love by my side."

 Keeping the theme alive, on their big day, Yalonda and Kayla treated guests to wedding cake featuring a glass slipper cake-topper.

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