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Sean Hayes of 'Will & Grace' confirms, "We're baaaaaaaaaaaack!"

The cast of "Will & Grace" create a cryptic tease that may reveal they are reuniting for television.
Photo credit:
Sean Hayes - Facebook

Social media is buzzing about the cryptic video released by the four stars of NBC’s hit sitcom “Will & Grace” today.

If you pay close attention to the clip (seen HERE), certain words highlighted in red spell out the return on the groundbreaking comedy:

“A band of heroes Will assemble to protect the world from aliens & destruction. Only an act of Grace can save them in their battle for what Is right. Only they can bring America Back from the brink.”

The clip has the feel of an action movie trailer with a voice-over done by Karen (Megan Mullally) herself who says “Make American Bueno again.”

The 20-second clip was teased by Mullally. Debra Messing, Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes on Twitter and their other certified social pages. 

Although details of what it all means are still unclear, some publications are guessing that it has something to do with tonight’s presidential debate.

But Sean Hayes, who plays Jack, has made it official on his Facebook page, writing, "We're baaaaaaaaaaaack!"

Stay tuned to SDGLN for further details about "Will & Grace" returning to television. 

You can watch the small teaser on Sean Hayes' Facebook page HERE.