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iPhone 7 users get pranked by video, destroy their new phones

YouTuber tricks iPhone users into destroying their phones with drill hack.
Photo credit:
TechRax - YouTube

WARNING: DO NOT drill a hole into your new iPhone: you will render it useless. 

An enterprising young prankster has created a mean and misleading YouTube video instructing new iPhone 7 users to drill a hole into the top of their devices to reveal the "hidden" headphone jack.

With the release of the latest Apple smartphone, some users have complained about the company’s decision to ditch the headphone jack and instead replace them with pairs of Bluetooth enabled earbuds which don’t require any input.

YouTuber TechRax seemed to be just as disappointed with Apple’s decision and filmed a how-to on getting access to the fictional hidden jack.

Obviously the video is a hoax because not only does the prankster suggest you use a metal vice to grip the iPhone 7, he then instructs you to drill into the top of it with a small bit.

Despite lacking common sense, anyone can clearly see that during the demonstration there is an obvious jump-cut in the video to make it appear a hidden jack has been revealed.

However, it appears that some users have taken the video seriously, and amid the sarcastic comments, people are at a loss for words, saying they tried the DIY and got devastating results.

Here are just some of the comments from confused people:

“WTF??? F*ck you! My screen turned black the moment I started drilling and now I can't even open it.”   

“I tried this, and now there's no sound coming out my phone.”

“didnt work for me... please help! my Phone just goes black screen all the time.”

“I followed all the steps you said and it won't even turn back on. do I gotta update it or download the headphone jack app?”

“I'm so mad. It doesn't work. It just broke my phone”

Some cruel users are extending the prank into the comments section to “help” people who are saying the modification didn’t work, or destroyed their new phones entirely. 

“Since some people are still having issues, a bit of advice. The guy seems to have missed the part about cleaning the phone after drilling. In order to clean out the 3.5mm socket of debris from the drill you need to soak the phone in soapy water for around 15 minutes so all the drill shavings are loosened. Then give the phone a shake once you're done. Hope this helps someone. ;-)”

Needless to say readers, the following video is a PRANK, and you should never drill a hole into your mobile device because doing so would destroy it.