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SDGLN's short conversation with Alyssa Edwards

Alyssa Edwards was sent home last week on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.
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The now Emmy-Award winning RuPaul’s Drag Race is making this season one of its best-ever as the rules for elimination have been changed and alliances have been formed in the dressing room backstage. 

Last week the tables were turned on Alyssa Edwards as she descended to the bottom-three only a week after being the lip-sync winner and sending Ginger Minj on her way.

There was a bit of conflict between Edwards and Phi Phi O’Hara who refused to have one-on-one’s with the bottom girls, apparently having already made up her mind about who to send home after learning who they were. 

Her decision was immediately followed by social media backlash after Thursday night's show. So much so, Phi Phi tweeted that she will not be doing the reunion special, and called Mama Ru a "coward" for un-following her on Twitter after Phi Phi called the show "bogus." 

Alyssa Edwards had a short conversation with San Diego Gay and Lesbian News about her paparazzi camera dress, Phi Phi’s strategy and being eliminated in the manner that she was. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: Hi Alyssa, how are you?

Alyssa Edwards: Hi Tim How are you?!

First of all, that camera dress would have killed in a club, but on Drag Race they weren’t that impressed. Why do you think the Drag Race panel judged you so harshly on a dress that would have slayed in a regular drag show?

I think sometimes in a club it just depends on the atmosphere and the lighting. The good thing is that camera dress really lit up on the stage, it was apparent that we were taking selfies to a whole other level.

I think that it’s also a competition. I got great reviews on that dress!

But Michelle interrupted everyone saying that there should be “no passes,” what did she mean by that?

I think Michelle was just like -- she didn’t find it as fascinating -- and I’m thinking what’s been conventional; this is a drag television show, but you know how it is. I mean at this point I’m ready for anything.

l was told in season five that I had the worst dress in history, so it’s like I’m not  'runway girl' and I get that. But I was okay with it.

I loved the dress, I thought it was kitschy, campy and fun, wild and over-the-top.

Phi Phi and Alaska both selected you to sashay away, and Phi Phi didn’t even want to have a one-on-one with you during deliberation. Do you think she already had her mind made up once she knew you were in the bottom?

She was a hundred-percent sure she already had her mind made up.

I knew if I was in the bottom and she was in the top that -- she just really had a conflict that I felt strongly about: rather than sending someone home on a bad performance, let’s take into consideration what they presented, their entire package.

She didn’t see it that way.

She was having conflict though I think with multiple people, so I think what I said did affect him because he knew he had been in the bottom.

She said she was basing it off critiques. And I don’t think I got really, really terrible critiques.

And the Shequel segment, there were really no lines for you, only reactionary expressions, of which I thought you did really well. But again, those judges...

Look, it’s like ‘Survivor,’ you wanna survive on the ‘Drag Island,’ you kinda got to fend for yourself a little bit.

And I think that people knew that I came into the competition this time to have a good time, but I came in running – I was ready.

I was like, let’s rock-and-roll, I was in it, let’s do it. Not to say they were threatened by that, but I think they took notice if that makes sense.

I think it’s a matter of confidence; they may have seen that as threatening. Do you think this season may be the best Drag Race yet, with its many twists and changes to the formula?

Emmy-winning Drag Race – long overdue, I must say that. What RuPaul has created is remarkable and not just RuPaul, but World of Wonder and Logo for allowing this to happen. This is truly a movement. I’m grateful that I’m a part of it.

I think with that being said, I will say I think this twist has rejuvenated the show and here we are now, we have 10 seasons now, it kinda gave it that extra little zhuzh.

Will you be in San Diego any time soon? 

As of now I definitely have a plan to be in L.A. around Halloween, but would like to be in San Diego soon!

Next week the Drag Race All Stars who were eliminated upuntil now will return to seek their revenge.

You can catch RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars on Logo every Thursday at 8 pm, 7 pm Central

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