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The San Diego Eagle celebrates five years of 'STUD Night' on Sept. 16

Tex Davidson will attend the fifth anniversary of STUD Night at the San Diego Eagle.
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The San Diego Eagle is celebrating the five-year anniversary of STUD Night with a grand finale that includes pornstars and cocktails.

Special guests include adult movie star Tex Davidson (pictured above) and Brian Davilla.who have both worked with TitanMen.

The San Diego Eagle has a reputation for being home to many well-respected contests and winners in the leather community. 

The Eagle caters to individuals who identify with leather and many other sexual and non-sexual fetishes.

For years the bar has ranked in the top twenty at International Mr. Leather (IML) with titles going to Stephen Webber and Jeffrey Payne.

The Eagle continues to participate with other organizations in supporting the community through service and fundraising. 

The San Diego Eagle STUD night with the Bad BoyZ of porn Tex Davidson and Brian Davilla, is on Friday, Sept. 16, at 10:30 pm, until Saturday, Sept. 17 at 12 am.

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The San Diego Eagle is located at 3040 North Park Way, San Diego, 92104. (619) 295.8072