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The hillbilly in 'AHS' season six premiere has a famous mother

Chaz Bono on "American Horror Story" premiere.
Photo credit:
Chaz Bono - Twitter

If you happened to catch the season six premiere of American Horror Story Wednesday night, you may have seen a (slightly) familiar face among the angry mob of hillbillies toward the beginning of the show. 

Cher's kin Chaz Bono was barely recognizable with a dark beard and bushy overgrown eyebrows. 

Producer Ryan Murphy has reinvented blockbuster television this year by throwing the public red herrings as promos, making fans guess which topic the successful horror series would arc. 

Since it may be too soon to reveal that topic, SDGLN won't give away specific details other than to say, fans of paranormal television shows will surely love the concept.

The video below contains spoilers: