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'Perfect Illusion,' Gaga's first track from new album released

Lady Gaga's latest, "Perfect Illusion."
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Lady Gaga released a new single yesterday called “Perfect Illusion.”

It is the first offering from her as yet unnamed fifth album (2009's "The Fame Monster" was a re-issue of her debut "The  Fame" with added singles).

Not as dance-friendly as her earlier offerings, instead "Perfect Illusion" waxes poetic on the 80’s era of power ballads.

The song has a heavy guitar riff and anthem-style vocals, complete with background singers apparently rented from an 80’s “Foreigner” or “Journey” album.

It's the story of ersatz love, tricking the singer into thinking its real, thus creating a “Perfect Illusion.”

The tune is produced by Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga, Kevin Parker, and BloodPop.

Some fans are hoping that Gaga recaptures the pulse-pounding dance vibe of her 2008 debut.

 “Perfect Illusion” seems to be headed in that direction - her signature high-powered lamentations are there - but it will definitely need a DJs touch to make it club friendly.

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