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The DIVAS take the stage once again this Friday

DIVAS at Rich's Nightclub this Friday, Sept. 9, at 7 pm.
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Kickxy Vixen-Styles - Facebook

Those San Diego DIVAS are back this Friday September 9, with an all-new show.

Considered one of the most entertaining drag shows in San Diego, DIVAS utilizes a giant LED screen to enhance the show experience bringing the audience a whole new layer of entertainment.

This week’s spotlight will have special guests Aurora Savage, Kalane Neors, and Smooches Galore.

Plus all your favorite regulars: Landa Plenty, Kickxy Vixen-Styles, and Vanity Jones.

If you have never seen a drag show in San Diego, DIVAS is not one to miss.

The girls have a wide range of talents and themes which literally leap off the stage and into the audience.

Colorful numbers and homages to legendary celebrities are signature aspects of the show plus plenty of surprises to keep you awe-inspired all evening.

It’s also customary to tip the performers as they make their way through the crowds, so have plenty of monetary denominations at hand to give out to your favorites.

SDPIX and Jägermeister present DIVAS at Rich's Nightclub on Friday, September 9, at 7 pm. 

For table and VIP reservations call (619) 817-9926.

Rich's is located at 1051 University Ave. San Diego, 92103.

(619) 295.2195