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LGBT acronym turned into conservative pun on t-shirt

This t-shirt redefines LGBT acronym.
Photo credit:
Jar Jar Bindz - Twitter

In what seems like a throw-back to the seventies decade, t-shirts are becoming platforms on which to state one’s opinion.

Freedom of speech seems to have been reduced to platitudes on silk-screens because the climate is so charged politically that one might think twice about stating something lest it be offensive to a certain group.

However a t-shirt can say what the person can’t, and this one in particular looks to be just another example of reducing the LGBT community to a fashionable joke.

Although, that isn't to say that an LGBT person may not like "Liberty, Guns, Beer and Tits," considering where the shirt might be manufactured could give a clue to its intended audience. 

Gay Star News points out that it is unknown from which company the tee is being made, but from the logo on the sleeve it appears to be Tactical T-shirts, a conservative company which enters the buyer into a gun raffle after every purchase.

Some on social media find the message offensive, while others think it’s clever.

“Lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people will NEVER be replaced. Especially not by those things.” - Amy Rose, @SushiRollPhan

“oh my god this actually makes me want to throw up.” – rose, @rocksthatbleed


In other fashion news this week, the Trump campaign began selling colorful “LGBTQ for Trump” t-shirts at their online store.

For $13.99 an LGBT Trump supporter can now show their pride at rallies and conventions around the country.