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VIDEO: "American Idol:" Casey James deserves credit

Major Brownie points should be awarded to Casey James, whose recent performance showed that he is definitely not a one-trick pony. Throughout the competition, Casey has taken some big strides. I’ll never forget his first audition, where judge Kara DioGuardi gave him the golden ticket just because he took his shirt off during the audition

Lesbian couple eliminated in "The Amazing Race"

Carol and Brandy, the lesbian couple competing on “The Amazing Race,” were eliminated in Sunday night’s episode, thanks to a power move by their rivals, the models Bret and Caite.

Destination: Gay Beirut and beyond

San Francisco, Barcelona, Sydney, and … Beirut? As surprising as it sounds, the buzz is building around Beirut, Lebanon as a gay destination.

Lesbians that rock: Ellamae

Ellamae was formed in the summer of 2009, and has done nothing but gain momentum since.

Bottoms Up: Meet me halfway

And while the Black Eyed Peas were obviously too busy to meet the local press halfway, LMFAO rolled up with a ton of energy, a plethora of groupies, and even gave SDGLN an exclusive interview.

Restaurant Review: All American Grill

When Au co-opened All American Grill last year, many in the culinary community were baffled. How could such an accomplished chef spring from passionately composing lobster-leek cannelloni topped with caviar to getting his hands into meatloaf?