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VIDEO: ‘The Joneses,’ French Film Festival, plus more

Thinking of movie options this weekend? Find out about “The Joneses,” starring David Duchovny and Demi Moore, along with “City Island,” “The Perfect Game,”the French Film fest and more.

VIDEO: Lesbians that rock - Veronica May

Veronica May is able to wear many hats -- from heavy blues, folk guitar and vocals to songs that are mellow and have an almost Norah Jones quality to them.

VIDEOS: Joining the Cirque

As much as I might have wanted to run away and join the performers of Cirque Dream Illusions, after Tuesday’s hands-on experience on David Poznanter’s Roue Cyr wheel, they definitely did not want me.

Melissa and Tammy Etheridge break up

The couple had been together for almost nine years. They had planned to legally marry in 2008, but missed the chance when Proposition 8 passed.

Christian music star Jennifer Knapp comes out

Jennifer Knapp, once a rising star in the Christian music scene before mysteriously dropping out of sight for the past seven years, has publicly declared that she is gay.

Carry-on fees ‘ridiculous,’ transportation secretary says

Spirit Airlines’ decision to begin charging passengers for carry-on luggage — while lowering some fares to a penny — has caught the attention of the federal government, as many predicted it would. Christopher Elliott interviews Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood about this and other airline issues.

VIDEO: "American Idol:" Casey James deserves credit

Major Brownie points should be awarded to Casey James, whose recent performance showed that he is definitely not a one-trick pony. Throughout the competition, Casey has taken some big strides. I’ll never forget his first audition, where judge Kara DioGuardi gave him the golden ticket just because he took his shirt off during the audition

Lesbian couple eliminated in "The Amazing Race"

Carol and Brandy, the lesbian couple competing on “The Amazing Race,” were eliminated in Sunday night’s episode, thanks to a power move by their rivals, the models Bret and Caite.