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Three gay Palestinians navigate through life in the documentary "Oriented," coming to Netflix

Three gay Palestinian men navigate through life in the tumultuous country of Israel.
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The lives of three gay Palestinians living in Tel-Aviv- Jaffa are the subject of the documentary “Oriented” which is set to hit Netflix streaming on Oct. 1.

The film follows friends Khader, Fadi and Naim as they live their lives in the multi-faceted culture that is Israel.

Khader comes from a prominent Muslim mafia family and lives with his boyfriend David and their dog Otis.

Fadi is a passionate Palestinian Nationalist who must deal with conflicts inside his love life because he is falling the "enemy"; an Israeli “Zionist.”

Naim is building up the courage to talk to his family about his sexuality.

All of these stories play out during the threat of war.

The friends decide to form a passive group called Qambutato to fight for national and gender equality.

Their activism opens up a dialogue about their lives and what it’s like to live in a culture where being gay during a time of political and religious conflict.

“Oriented” is Director Jake Witzenfeld’s debut film.

“Oriented” is available on Video on Demand at  iTunesAmazon Instant and on DVD.