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Theater Review: "[manhandled]"

[manhandled]” was inspired by watching people and their relationships on display at airports.
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Sue Brenner Photography

Choreographer Michael Mizerany’s latest dance show “[manhandled]” was inspired by watching people and their relationships on display at airports. Shows you what a creative person can do with what I have always considered time wasted.

Four works are offered: the titular new work, a commissioned dance choreographed by Bradley R. Lundberg and encores of two previously shown works.

The [manhandled] duet pairs Andrew Holmes, attracted from a distance to Nicholas Strasburg.

Sparks begin to fly when Strasburg turns around, a visual connection is soon followed by some lovely show-off athleticism reminiscent of the way birds strut for their soon-to-be mates.

This is balletic gymnastics at its best.

A guy, a girl, a chair and two pieces of clothing that change hands a few times star in Bradley R. Lundberg’s “Tous Les Memes,” commissioned by Compulsion Dance & Theatre for their production “Dancer Briefs.”

It’s a charming little French piece starring Lundberg, Nikki Dunnan, a hat and vest and some lovely music by Francisco Canaro, Stromae and Lalo Schifrin.

Lundberg and Dunnan toss the clothes and each other around with delightful abandon.

Dancer Brittany Taylor gives Mizerany’s achingly beautiful “Via Dolorosa” a gender twist as she takes over from Chad Ortiz, who danced it last year. 

Morten Lauridsen’s lovely choral piece “O Magnum Mysterium” provides the backdrop for this different but still lovely piece.

“Man Clan” offers a macho quartet consisting of Martin Anthony Dorado, Bradley R. Lundberg, Nicholas Strasburg and David Wornovitzky that can be seen in several ways.

I see it as mostly guys being guys – showing off, trying to best each other, playing domination games (no, not that kind), fighting. You know, guy stuff. Woodkid provides appropriate electronic music (but please check the overloud sound level for the next show).

It’s always a pleasure to see Mizerany’s choreography. This show is no exception.

The run is short – only through this weekend. So hurry down to Diversionary Theatre and catch this show.

The details

[manhandled] plays through August 14, 2016 at Diversionary Theatre, 4545 Park Boulevard.

Friday at 8 pm; Saturday at 2 and 8 pm; Sunday at 2 and 7 pm.

Tickets: (619) 220-0097 or www.diversionary.org