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Local activist Nicole Murray-Ramirez to be featured on Bravo! with Andy Cohen

Nicole Murray Ramirez will guest star with Andy Cohen for Bravo's "Then and Now with Andy Cohen.”
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San Diego's Nicole Murray-Ramirez is an LGBT activist and cultural historian. 

Television producer Andy Cohen wants to take Ramirez’s knowledge of the ages and include him in a panel of celebrity guests for his show on Bravo! called “Then and Now with Andy Cohen.”

The show turns back the LED alarm clock several decades to re-visit some of the biggest stories in pop culture spanning from entertainment to politics.

“The producer got ahold of me and said that they would like me to come in, and they would like to film me,” Ramirez said. “The show is about culture, they said they are going to be asking me about everything from Beanie Babies to politics to the community.”

Murray-Ramirez says he talked to producers to find out which year his segment would highlight, “I believe it’s the 8O’s. Which is interesting because what I hope to do is to be able to talk about significant things like the 1987 march on Washington, which drew almost a million people, and we previewed the AIDS quilt there.”

The longtime activist is perhaps the perfect historian to discuss the LGBT community and its changes through the years. Murray-Ramirez has dedicated 40 years of his life to social and political causes.

Among the things Murray-Ramirez has been involved are being Founder of the San Diego AIDS Fund, Co-founder of the Tijuana AIDS fund, elected Chair of the Mayor of San Diego’s GLBT Citizen’s Advisory Board, Founder of the Harvey Milk Student Scholarship, he also has city keys to both San Diego and Portland.

San Francisco, San Diego and West Hollywood celebrate “Nicole Murray-Ramirez Day."

Murray-Ramirez says that the 80's was an important decade for the LGBT community. 

“It was a major moving point,” he said. “I would think think he’s [Cohen] probably going to talk about AIDS.”

The first season of “Then and Now with Andy Cohen" premiered in December 2015, as a three-part series. 

Among the topics discussed were step-arobics, the Tanya Harding scandal and strained race relations.

Last season Cohen held conversations with Connie Chung, Kelly Ripa, Johnny Weir and Sandra Bernhard. 

“So I think it’s gonna be a culmination of humor, culture and probably some serious issues," Murray-Ramirez says. "And they said they definitely picked me out because they did their research on me. They know I have been writing a weekly column since 1973."

Asked if he is looking forward to being on national television, Murray-Ramirez laughs, "I kinda look forward to it because I think everyone that knows me, knows I can have fun…but I can also focus on the serious issues that affect our community and the history. And I hope I can do our community proud, they are probably going to take me through Memory Lane."

There is no word yet as to when the Ramirez's segments will debut.  

Keep checking back to SDGLN for more details. 

Here is the trailer from last season's “Then and Now with Andy Cohen:"